For the financial year 2015-2016 the school has been allocated additional funding to improve the provision of PE and sport across all year groups. Our policy has been to spend the money where it will have the most impact on all of the pupils, increasing the amount of individual physical activity at lunchtimes and encouraging the development of healthy living and lifestyles. Our school has received £5078 for the academic year 2015/2016. Our final Sports Premium Allocation of £4077 will be received in April 2016 and this amount will be used to fund a 'Lunchtime Fitness Project' into 2017. The underspend of £2008 from the 2015 allocation will be used in conjunction with the April 2016 allocation of £4077 to give the 'Lunchtime Fitness' project a total of £6165 to be used to launch the project and provide appropriate CPD for teaching and suppprt staff within the school.

Cycle of Funding

April- 15 £5,708.00
April -16 £4,077.00
Total Spend £9,785.00


To date we have:

We reviewed possible areas to spend and sustain the additional funding. This year we are aiming to up skill our class teachers through CPD training. A specialist PE leader from Redbridge Borough will be working closely with class teachers in developing the skills of the teaching of indoor PE and planning over the course of the Autumn term. This is to increase the quality of teaching and to enable teachers across the school to have the confidence and knowledge to deliver high quality PE lessons. (£2000)

By using the using specialist coaching company ‘Foundation sport’ we are investing in the ‘Move it’ project. The ‘Move it’ project aims to promote healthy lifestyles, helping children understand the importance of exercise and food as a part of their everyday lives. Children will develop their knowledge to make positive informed choices with regards to leading a healthy lifestyle. This project will be aimed at KS2 children who will then lead the younger years to develop their understanding of maintaining a healthier and active lifestyle. (£3500)

The impact of this grant is as follows:

  • Teachers across all year groups will develop their CPD within the teaching and delivering of indoor PE though close training delivered by a specialist leader. Children will receive high quality dance lessons in which they are taught the skills of movement and sequencing.
  • Teacher’s knowledge of planning and delivering high quality PE lessons will be developed and sustained through future teaching and where appropriate further coaching support.
  • Children will improve their understanding of the importance of healthy eating and exercise through detailed training provided by a specialist coaching company. (Foundation Sports)
  • This ‘Move it’ scheme should see an increase level of participation in active lunchtimes, increase engagement in after school activities and an increased engagement in competitions in and out of school.- the forward planning into 2016/2017 is to establish lunch time 'fitness clubs' as a means of improving the overall fitness of the children.

Illustration of Spending to date and Sustainable Spend Pattern

Coaching £2,000.00  
Move It £3,500.00  
Total to date £5,500.00  
Lunch Time Fitness £4,000.00


Impact statement and sustainability

This provision will be monitored by the PE leader and reported to the Governing Body as part of the school overall funding to ensure that the projects are sustainable and impacting on pupil progress. Our last OFSTED 2015, reported that children had a good knowledge of healthy eating and understood the need to engage in physical activities as part of keeping themselves healthy. The report OFSTED report also noted the good attendance levels and participation in after school sporting activities.