The children enjoy using ICT in all subjects. The following are just some examples of how we use ICT to enhance learning in many different curriculum areas.

The portable Net-Books we have make ICT accessible for all children in all classrooms. The children enjoy researching, presenting and creating using the Net-Books. We hope to develop our use of ICT in the school this year, and enhance the learning and enjoyment of all children through cross curricular activities.

Photography - The children and teachers enjoy taking photographs as evidence of their activities. Many of these images can be seen on our school Twitter feed.

Videos - The children have oppurtunities to record short videos, news reports or dramas using our video cameras. We are also now using iMovie to create short videos with high quality equipment.

Audio Recording - To enhance our presentations, the children can record their voices on small digital devices for instant playback. This also helps in science when we try to record our results very quickly.

Home/School Learning - The children enjoys many ways of linking their use of technology at school and home.- the school is currently setting up Google Classroom which we hope to have up and running in the New Year 2016.