Raspberry Pi Weather Station

We have been succesful in our bid to secure a Raspberry Pi Weather station. This means that our school, joins a 1000 schools globally, as part of a wide range science and computing project which will allow our children to have the following educational opportunities;

  • Use a predefined Raspberry Pi hardware kit to build their own weather station and write application code that logs a range of weather data including wind speed, direction, temperature, pressure, and humidity;
  • Write applications to interrogate their weather station and record data in a cloud-hosted Oracle Application Express database;
  • Interrogate the database via SQL to enable macro level data analysis;
  • Develop a website on the Raspberry Pi to display local weather conditions that can be accessed by other participating schools; and
  • Access a Weather Station for Schools program website to see the geographical location of all weather stations in the program, locate the websites of other participating schools, interact with other participants about their experiences, blog, and get online technical support.

Here is a diagram of the Raspberry Pi weather station, ready labelled so that we can assemble and begin our experiments. As the project gains momentum we will have a blog on the success of our efforts and of course keep everyone updated through our school Twitter channel.: