Science & Technology

At every key stage children learn about the world around them and how they can care for it. They learn about themselves and their bodies and how they can keep themselves fit and well. The three areas of science: biology, chemistry and physics are taught within themes such as 'Life and Living processes', 'Physical Processes' and 'Materials and their Properties'.Science is a core subject of the National Curriculum. It enables children to understand the world in which they live. At Our Lady of Lourdes, we aim to harness the natural curiosity all children possess, to develop enquiring minds and a systematic approach to problem solving.

Children will be taught to work scientifically through each topic. An important focus is on helping children to plan and carry out their own investigations and to think about the way others have carried them out.

During KS1 children observe, explore and ask questions about living things, materials and phenomena. They begin to work together to collect evidence to help them answer questions and to link this to simple scientific ideas. They share their ideas and communicate them using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables.

During KS2 children learn about a wider range of living things, materials and phenomena. They begin to make links between ideas and to explain things using simple models and theories. They apply their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas to familiar phenomena, everyday things and their personal health.

We approach the teaching of Science in a fun and interactive way, promoting the enjoyment that can be had from experimenting, investigating and discovering.