History and Geography

Our history topics cover events within and beyond living memory, British history and that of ancient cultures around the world. The children develop skills in sequencing the past, using sources of evidence and being able to identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

KS1 use different sources of evidence to understand the Gunpowder Plot and the Great Fire of London. We then encourage them to talk to family members about possible memories of the Second World War and Queen Elizabeth II.

KS2 develop their vocabulary and undertake historical enquiry. They learn how British history has developed and changed through the influence of overseas invaders and settlers, such as the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Romans. But they also study historical periods in the wider world - the Maya, the Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians, and in doing so know where people and events fit within a chronological framework.

With all our history topics we try to bring them to life with workshops and off-site visits, occasionally requiring costumes but always needing an enquiring mind and lots of enthusiasm.

Alongside class work the children are also exposed to important historical events, such as Queen Elizabeth's record as the longest reigning monarch, Remembrance Day and Black History Month.

Year 4 Study of The Roman Empire and its influence on Britain