Suggested Home Learning Timetables

27 March 2020

Friday 27th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Suggested Home Learning Timetables

Firstly, we hope you are keeping yourself and your families safe and healthy during this unusual time.

Today we are sharing some additional resources with you. Every family must journey through this unprecedented time in their own way. We value that every family and their needs are different, therefore these learning ideas are suggestions to help support you if needed. We know that all children manage change in different ways. There will be some children who take comfort in the structure of a routine and others who prefer to work at their own pace and on their own tasks. As parents you are best equipped to manage your children and their needs, as you know them best.

We initially sent Home Learning Resource Packs for all pupils with photocopied and suggested ideas for activities you could complete with your children. There were also suggested websites and games suitable for each year group. These Learning Overviews on the school website remain a constant reference for you as parents and will be updated accordingly.

The staff will be providing a timetable with Maths and English ideas for each week if needed. They will be available under the Home Learning Resources tab on the school website.

Maths: The team at White Rose Maths, a resource widely used in school, have prepared daily maths lessons for each year group following the expectations of the National Curriculum. Every lesson comes with a short video showing both you and the children how to complete the activity successfully.

Our understanding is that each week a new series of sequenced lessons and activities will be published. These can be found at and click on the Pink Home Learning tab at the top.

English: On the suggested timetables you will find daily tasks. The tasks and activities will link to texts previously explored at school or topics the children are studying. You may be directed to websites to look for resources or video clips to engage the children. Please do support and encourage the children where necessary. They do not need to complete these tasks on their own; the ideas or key words generated through the discussion will allow the children to be successful and develop their language skills.  There is flexibility as these tasks can often be adapted to any book the children are enjoying.

Afternoons: Please note that there is not a suggested afternoon timetable, this is an opportunity for your children to engage with other curriculum areas. There are suggestions on your Learning Overview that are linked to the current geography or science topic. Families may choose to use this time, if available, to develop your children’s other talents and interests. These could include cooking, gardening, Lego challenges or other home projects.  

We would like to wish you, your families and wider communities ongoing good health.

Best Wishes,

The School Team