Friday 3rd April –Information for Parents

3 April 2020

We hope that this update finds our pupils and our families all in good health! Thank you again to the families who have emailed their support to our staff as we continue to remain open for the children of key workers. This provision will continue through the Easter holidays, excluding Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Today was supposed to be the start of the Easter Holidays! With this in mind, we wanted to acknowledge that holidays do provide a natural break in our pupil’s learning. Holidays are essential for pupils, and staff, to re-energise and recharge. During this anxious time, we recognise our families and our children will need to rest and spend time, if possible, being a family. Have a look on-line for one of the 30 day Lego Challenges, maybe an activity for the whole family!

There is now a Well-Being Resource tab on the Home Learning Resources page. Here you will find some helpful ideas to help navigate children through this unsettling time. This includes a UNICEF article entitled ‘How to talk to and comfort your child about the Covid-19 virus’.


Holy Week

Please see the Latest News Section on our school website for information on ways to celebrate Holy Week at home.

Father Pat is streaming Mass live, do look at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Website for Mass times over Holy Week. 


Home Learning Timetables: For those children who are finding comfort in having structure to their day, we have continued to upload a 5 day suggested timetable for each year group to our website. The timetable uploaded today is designed to be flexible during the 2-week Easter holiday. These can be used as or when (or not at all) to accommodate the needs of your family during the ‘Easter holiday’ period. After the Easter school holidays, our teachers will continue to provide these home learning timetables weekly.

These timetables will be available under the Home Learning Resources tab on the school website. As the wealth of resources are accumulating rapidly, we have organised the Home Learning Resource tab into year groups. Simply click on the Home Learning Resources and you will find each year group tab on the left hand side.

Thank you for your patience while we navigate our home learning from afar, this is a constantly changing ‘work in progress’.


Communication Updates

At any time during this closure, if you need to contact the school please continue to do so through our school email, which is monitored daily:

Regular updates from the school will continue to be sent via ParentMail, as well as posted under the ‘Latest News’ on our school website:


We do wish our families a very blessed Easter and ongoing good health.

Best Wishes,

The School Staff